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As I was debating whether I really wanted to go on a long run this weekend, my dear six-year-old looked at me with her earnest blue eyes and said, “Why are running so far?”

This is the million dollar question that you need to ask yourself whenever you write. Why am I writing this blog? Why am I writing this newsletter? Why am I writing this poem, book, letter?

There are two important reasons to ask the question. The first is that the answer will give you the motivation to write. If this is what you’ve determined you need to do to build your business, well then get writing. If you know a letter will make someone happy, get writing. If you don’t have a good answer for the “why” question, then maybe you are trying to do something you either shouldn’t or don’t need to do.

The second reason is that the answer to the why can help you figure out the content. Are you trying to connect with customers? What do they need to hear? Are you trying to get volunteers to pick up Girl Scout Cookies? What’s going to motivate them?

Well, why am I running so far? Isn’t it obvious? So I will have something to write about. That and I have been led to believe that it will keep me healthy.

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