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Online Marketing

Have you tried shouting in a crowd? It’s hard to get anyone’s attention. But that’s what it’s like on the Internet. You can waste hours throwing out words that go nowhere and do nothing for your business. Or, you can set up a strategy, make a plan and create content that will reach the people you want to talk to. We can guide you through the process or do it for you.

Who are you trying to reach and how are you going to reach them? We’ll guide you through the complicated jungle of new media options to create a strategy and a plan to grow your business.

You’ve got a great story to tell but what’s the best way to tell it? What social media channels should you use and what should you be writing about? Should you be blogging? How will you make it work with all of your other marketing efforts? We will work with you to develop an effective, integrated strategy.

Your website is your shop window – if everything on it doesn’t shine, potential clients and customers aren’t going to stick around. We will map out your website needs and create content that resonates with the readers you want to reach.

Get started with blogging and develop a plan to keep blogging with our hands-on workshops for individuals, groups or companies. Workshops and training programs are customized to meet your needs.

Writing an article or op-ed takes skill and valuable time. Editors at newspapers, business journals and magazines are looking for content from industry contributors, but if it doesn’t make a clear case in newsy, compelling fashion, you efforts are likely to go unrewarded. We can help you sound like the sage industry expert that you are.

Too often newsletters don’t come close to living up to their name – they aren’t newsy. As media veterans with years of reporting and writing experience, we know how to spot news and how to write about it in a way that will make your newsletter a must-read. We will upgrade the content and editing of your newsletter or launch one for you if you don’t have one.