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Why Brand Matters in Social Media

Why Brand Matters in Social Media

By on Mar 7, 2016 in Blog Writing, Communication Strategy, Social Media Writing | 0 comments

Is your brand attracting the kind of customers you want?

Is your brand attracting the kind of customers you want?

What words describe your brand?

That is one of the most important questions you can answer before spending any time posting, tweeting or blogging. Why?

Because you are going out into the social media realm to meet people who have never heard of you before. For many of them, what you write will be their first, and maybe only, impression of you and your business.

Think of brand as a business catch-all word for “image.” Your “brand” is what people think of you. Even if you don’t recognize or take steps to define it, you still have one. The more you identify and shape your brand, the more influence you will have on how people see you. And consequently, the more likely you will be to draw in the right customers, the ones who want and need your particular product or services.

Of course,  this matters to large corporations that are obsessed with shaping and controlling their brands. But it’s just as important for smaller businesses.

Your brand is reflected in all that you do. It shows in your store if you have one and on your website. It comes through in how you interact with people. It’s reflected in your emails, phone calls and newsletters and on your social media.

Do you consider your company to be fun, serious, compassionate? What sets you apart from your competition? Why will people want what you have to offer?  Choosing the best words to describe your brand sets the tone. It helps determine what you will write. It helps you keep in mind who you are and what you want to convey.

That tone should come through in all that you do with your social media campaign including the company descriptions in your profiles, the posts you write and people with whom you connect. You can evaluate every step you consider based on whether it fits with and supports the brand that you have defined.

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