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Warning: The End of the Year is Coming? Ready?

Warning: The End of the Year is Coming? Ready?

By on Nov 8, 2016 in Communication Strategy | 0 comments

fireworksJust ten months ago, we were prepping to launch into a new year. We were making plans, setting up goals, and outlining hopes and dreams.

How has it gone? Have you met expectations? Did things go according to that plan you so carefully developed? Often these questions aren’t asked until after the end of the year when you’re starting to a new plan.

But how about shaking things up a bit? Why not start now on assessing how the year has gone and setting things up for the next one? Maybe you can still make changes to improve this year and looking ahead now will give you more opportunity to strategize.

As with any strategy process, it’s good to look at your success and make note of what’s been working. ¬†What did you do right? What have you achieved? Then look at what could have gone better.

It’s especially important to look at the “why.” Why were you able to accomplish what you did? Why did the things that didn’t work go wrong? Then you can either replicate or make adjustments.

I like to start with the List of 10. It’s an easy exercise to get the ideas flowing while adding some structure. Simply set up a title and make a list.

Things that Went Well This Year:

  1. Launched an online program for bloggers
  2. Worked with some great clients
  3. Created a live workshop program to help small businesses plan their marketing

and so on…

Things that Could have Gone Better

  1. Didn’t blog as often as I’d wanted
  2. Still working on the comprehensive guide
  3. Didn’t keep up with my record keeping

and so on…

This can be done for specific categories such as marketing communications or divisions of the business. Or you can take a look at things as a whole.

The hardest part may be finding the time. We get so busy running our businesses that it’s difficult to make the time to work on them. Set aside a day or a morning or a few hours if you can. But even a little bit can help. Don’t neglect this planning process just because you can’t devote a big block of time to it. Do what you can. Even 15 minutes is long enough for a List of 10. It’s good for you. It’s good for your business. And really, it’s good for your clients and customers. You will do better for them.

Here is a List of 10 with ten options for your own List of 10 to get things moving. Please share your list ideas in the comment section.

  1. People Who Made a Difference this Year
  2. Things I Wish I’d Done and Would Like to Do in the Future
  3. Reach Goals (those that seem just beyond what’s possible)
  4. How I’ve helped my Community
  5. What I want to do for my Community
  6. Places I want to go Next Year
  7. What I learned about Running a Business this Year
  8. Advice to Someone Starting Out
  9. Questions I’d like answered (could be around a specific topic)
  10. What I want to have done by this time next year.

P.S. For anyone blogging – now is a great time to write about year end/new year topics related to your subject. Please send me a link to your post if you put one up.

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