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I finally signed up for Twitter. I avoided it until now since I already have so many things demanding my attention. But, I needed something to write about for my column and I’d been hearing how great it is for small businesses. I decided to find out for myself. Signing up wasn’t too difficult, although all the names I wanted were already taken. The problem came after I signed up when I was faced with a little box demanding a brilliant statement in fewer than 140 words. Seldom am I at a loss for words, but this was intimidating. What if I wrote something ridiculous? I envisioned the entire internet community either laughing it’s collective tush off at me, scoffing, or even worse (and more likely) not noticing at all. It’s sort of like going into a crowded room and trying to get attention when everyone is shouting all at once. Will this bring me fame and fortune? Will it be a waste of time? We’ll find out.

I’m still running – I’m up to two outfits, a great pair of shoes, an armband for the ipod and still shopping. Oh, and I’ve bumped up to three miles.

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