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Publish a Book with the Help of a Few Thousand New Friends

Publish a Book with the Help of a Few Thousand New Friends

By on Apr 2, 2014 in Author's Corner | 0 comments

It used to be that anyone serious about publishing a book would turn to a publisher to handle the logistics of turning the manuscript into a real book with a pretty front cover and slick back cover copy. These days, however, authors increasingly are taking those final steps on their own. That, however, means taking on the up front costs in getting the book to market such as editing, proofreading and cover design just to name a few. That can be a multi-thousand dollar hurdle that turns into a wall for some potentially great authors. Unless, they can get a helping hand or two or more.

Crowd publisherEnter crowdpublishr.com. This new business developed in Cambridge, MA, by a self-published author , helps authors unleash their creativity on the world. This website connects writers with readers who can get involved in funding the project up front. The added bonus is that while doing the fund raising, authors are also raising much needed publicity.

The description from the founder:

“Newly launched Crowdpublishr gives authors the opportunity to develop their audience in advance of publication and use social connections to help pay for the needed publishing services. Writers can fund, publish, distribute and promote their books, all in a fun and easy to use online platform, taking much of the risk out of indie publishing. Starting with free promotional tools, authors may DIY or purchase the needed services, finding what they really need, all in one place.”

Basically, you describe your book and the people who might want to read it or like you prepay for it giving you money to use for publishing.

As an added bonus for all authors, the site is currently offering a free free author web page and online tools to help connect with readers, to publicize both upcoming or already published books.


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