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Make Your Blog Work for Your Business

By on Sep 30, 2016 in Blog Writing, Communication Strategy, Social Media Writing | 0 comments

There’s a look I often  get from business owners when I tell them that I work on blogging and marketing communications. It’s a sort of guilty, apologetic look followed by, “I should be doing that.”

Get a fresh start with Make Your Mark Blogging.

Get a fresh start with Make Your Mark Blogging.

Some tell me they’ve started a blog but haven’t touched it in weeks or months. Others say they’d like to start blogging but just haven’t had the time.

I understand that. We’re busy. We have businesses to run. But if we want those businesses to grow, we need to be building the network that can make that happen. So many business owners have great things to share but they don’t because they haven’t found the time. I find that there are two common underlining reasons for this. The first is that they haven’t made it a priority because they’re not sure how to make it worth their time. The second is that they’re not sure how to get going.

This is why  I’m launching “Make Your Mark Blogging.” It’s a three-month online workshop for business owners who want to get out of the “I could, should, would” trap and get moving on their blog. It’s a chance to focus on getting your message out and connecting with the people who matter most.  We’ll have weekly video calls filled with guidance, how-tos and answers to your questions. Weekly homework assignments will help you put what you’re learning into practice.

We’ll talk about skills and strategies to create and implement a blogging program that fits with your business and your ongoing marketing efforts. You can ask questions and work through your challenges while hearing how others solve their problems. Not only will you learn what you need to know, you will have a sounding board to help hone your ideas. And, you will have accountability – someone to be on the look out for what you do and hold your feet to the fire to help make sure you follow through with your plans.

The calls will start at 1 p.m. Eastern Standard Time on October 13th. If you want to join but can’t make the video calls, they’ll be recorded and available at your convenience.

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