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Fun with words

By on May 23, 2011 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

When it comes to words, I’d like to think I know a lot. I went to college. I read. I write for a living. And yet, there are so many words of which I have never heard. These are English words, words that I could be using. Certainly my listener might look at me perplexed, but perhaps in the right context they would flow easily into the conversation and capture the subtlety of some nuanced thought I am trying to express. For instance, we could talk about my neighbor, a virago obsessed with her lawn and a lack of pity for a pooch who must potty. Or perhaps we could talk about the contretemps of this morning that nearly led to a law suit.

Thankfully, my neighbor is not a domineering, bad-tempered woman and we did not get into an unexpected and awkward clash today or any other day. In fact, said pooch took care of business on the sidewalk and the mess was legally and eventlessly bagged and dumped. (Eventlessly actually is a word – it’s the virtually never used adverbial inflection of the rarely used adjective “eventless.” I am personally divided on my feelings for this particular word – it could either refer to a day without problems or one that is really boring.)

Challenge: use virago or contretemps in the course of a normal conversation, on Facebook or in a blog post.

Bonus: Find a good use for eventlessly

side note: apparently spell check doesn’t know everything either – it disapproves of all three of my words of the day

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