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Create Your Perfect Business Pitch January 14th

Create Your Perfect Business Pitch January 14th

By on Jan 4, 2017 in Communication Strategy | 0 comments

The internet is great for reaching more people, but it’s also getting easier to get lost in the mix as more businesses take advantage of it. This means it’s more important than ever to sound good and look good to people you haven’t yet met.

That’s why I’ve teamed up with the folks from the Language of Business TV to offer a one-day seminar to help business owners create a compelling promotional video and written profile. You will not only learn how you will actually do it. The event covers how to create a pitch, write a profile and present on camera. And, you will take away a video and written profile that you can start to use immediately.



You will learn how to:

· Write an engaging profile for use on websites, LinkedIn, Social Media and more
· Develop an elevator pitch for video
· Sound good and look great on camera
· How to create an elevator pitch for in-person presentations

You will leave with:

· An elevator pitch for in-person presentations
· A video elevator pitch
· A written profile of your business

This event is beneficial for:

· Small local business owners who are stepping up their marketing efforts
· Entrepreneurs who are looking for investors or partners
· Entrepreneurs who are ready to bring a product to market

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