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Do you have something to say?

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I’m all for getting creative with blogging and social media. Give me any company and I can come up with a list of at least 12 topics to get it started. But even I have to admit that the idea of an electronics manufacturer setting up on Facebook seemed to be a stretch. However, it seems creativity prevails. Eratech Inc., a company based in Ontario, is using...

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Does it matter?

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It’s New Year’s Eve Day and I am frantically trying to get a bunch of things done so I can get out of the office and enjoy some of the festivities in Boston. There’s a long list of things that I would really like to get done and an equally long list of things that really have to get done. It would be easy to skip the blog today. After all, I...

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What do you do when you get stuck?

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You know you need to write something, but what? You don’t know where to start, so you put it off. You try to come back to it, but you still don’t know what to write. When this happens, take a tip from my clever second graders (Sunday School class). Nearly every week, I hand them a maze. Though it says where to start, that’s rarely where they do....

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Promote yourself to promote your busines – a workshop to show you how

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There are people in every industry who everyone seems to know. They are the “experts.” The ones that people turn to for advice and guidance. They write books. They give speeches. They’re quoted in the newspapers. Who are they? Could you be one of them? You can learn more on Wednesday, 8 a.m. to 10 a.m. at the Enterprise Center at Salem State...

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Catch up with your creative

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If you have ever had an inkling that you might like to draw but you feel that you just aren’t good enough or that you don’t know where to begin, then start with this book:       It”s by Carla Sonheim, who is not only a talented artist but also an extremely talented teacher. She sneaks her lessons in with fun exercises that are actually giving you...

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I want to be unforgettable

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A rose by any other name would certainly smell just as sweet, but would anyone know about it? Names are significant. They are the opening sentence in your story. Inevitably you are going to want to set up a blog or a website and that means choosing an address, which will become a moniker. This is not just any address, but the address, the name that will embody your...

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