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Don’t write to me, talk to me

By on Sep 25, 2013 in Writing | 2 comments

A funny thing happens when we write. We get hung up on saying things in a certain formal way and using words that we wouldn’t normally use in convoluted sentence structures that wind around the point rather than getting straight to it. Perhaps it’s an attempt to display our undeniable intelligence. Perhaps it’s left over determination to adhere to...

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What’s Holding You Back?

By on Mar 16, 2012 in Writing | 4 comments

I often here from people that they’ve launched a blog but they’re not updating it as often as they think they should. I’ve also come across  plenty of blogs that haven’t been updated in months. It makes me sad when I see one that was off to a great start and then it just stops. Why does this happen? There are lots of reasonable explanations. We run out of...

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Are you stuck?

By on Dec 9, 2011 in Uncategorized | 2 comments

Are you facing a blank screen? Have you typed and deleted and typed and deleted and still you don’t like what you have? Try asking questions. Put yourself in the shoes of the reader and interview yourself. What are you trying to tell me? Why should I care? What do I need to know? What do I need to do? How should I do it? When should I do it? This little trick...

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By on Nov 18, 2011 in Uncategorized | 1 comment

It may seem that in order to get better at the kind of writing you want to do, whether it is for blogs, newsletters or websites, that the best thing to do is to concentrate on doing that sort of writing and to do a lot of it. This is true. However, there is something to be learned from the sports world. Good athletes cross train. Runners sometimes lift weights....

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Note to self: life was crazy then too

By on Apr 1, 2009 in Uncategorized | 1 comment

An email unexpectedly popped up in my inbox the other day. It was from myself. Or at least the self I was a year ago. It was a reminder to me that at that time I  was pondering about what to do with the writing business, struggling with teenage angst (that of my children, not my own, thankfully), and trying to soak up the joyful wonder of the little ones who still...

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