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Interview with an Author: Ba to Boardroom with No BS

By on Aug 7, 2013 in Author's Corner | 0 comments

How do you turn a bachelor’s degree into a top executive position? It takes skills. Chris Wilson who has had top jobs at high profile companies including Scudder and Bank of America has written a practical guide to developing those them.  In BA to Boardroom with no BS, Chris, who now serves on several boards, gives a rare behind-the-scenes look at how he used those skills to climb the corporate ladder. I had the privilege of working with Chris to develop his ideas and edit the book and recently asked him to share his insights for other writers. What inspired you to write this book? I started looking at the many challenges people entering the workforce face today like global competition, less job security and how quickly industries changed and began to wonder how they would gain the confidence to compete, especially the large group of people with liberal arts degrees like myself. I wanted to find ways to use what I had learned over my career to not only give people motivation but to provide real improvement opportunities for them. My focus on building skills over my career helped me navigate a rapidly growing industry and face the challenges that were presented to me. Having coached these skills for years with hundreds of people, I decided to begin documenting the ideas and techniques. I am truly blessed with an amazingly talented spouse (and author) who started to question me about my writing. She made me think about how to create a way to illustrate the skills in action and the basic book was born. Parts of the book also stem from my parenting of my daughters. I used to tease them that they had the full extent of my wisdom if they could remember three phrases – positive attitude, best effort and listen. They used to recite that on command then roll their eyes. So the book draws from both parts of my life. What was the biggest challenge and how did you overcome it? You know the writing of the core content came very quickly and easily for me. The challenge was to stay focused on the editing piece and really listen to the feedback without taking...

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